Equality in technology will create a better world

We’re offering partial scholarships to people who self identify with a background under-represented in the technology industry.

Grace Fox EDA alumni

Starting a new career is a big step. If you’re considering a career in technology you’re in safe hands at Enspiral Dev Academy. Over the past 4 years we’ve helped over 250 graduates from our bootcamp find their first jobs in technology.

We believe diversity is a critical part of thriving technology industry.

Learn more about why we’re offering our diversity scholarship here.

The world is not without a magnitude of problems. From corporate ownership of media to women being denied the right to education. 

Whatever your passion, you can be part of designing the solution.

An immersive experience - you’ll learn faster than you ever thought possible. 

A career with boundless opportunities to grow.

Be part of the solution.

There is no quicker way to learn than full immersion style. Code every day, all day under the mentorship of industry experts. 

Tech is innovative. It is at the frontier of changing paradigms - the way we work, paid time for personal projects, and epic organisational shifts such as transparency. 

It’s a lifelong journey of learning.  

Graduate as world class, employable web developer in 18 weeks.

Every skill that you learn will be applicable on the job. We work closely with industry to align our curriculum to real world needs.

Fast track your career and be working as a web developer in just a few months.

Kendall graduated from Enspiral Dev Academy in our very first cohort. The Great Spotted Kiwis in 2014.

"This time last year I was sitting in a large accounting firm going through the motions, uninspired by the work I was doing, questioning how much value I was offering society. Now, I’m sitting amongst a team of creative, passionate people, getting paid to do something I seriously would do for free."

- Kendall Flutey

Kendall's path to tech

Apply for our upcoming cohorts in Wellington or Auckland and you could get a $500 diversity scholarship.

Entry criteria

Enspiral Dev Academy is designed to support people with little or no programming experience and give them the skills to contribute effectively to a web development team as a junior programmer. 

You don’t need a technical background but you should have had enough of a taste of coding to know that this is a career they want to get into. We recommend trying out some of the free online courses like codeacademy to get a feel for what coding is like.

We seek passion, drive, determination & people skills.

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Work from home during Phase Zero, the preparation phase for bootcamp. Approximately 20-25 hours per week for 9 weeks. 

Online training 

Course outcomes and overview

Optional Careers week (after graduation). Approx 30 hours.

50+ hours per week during bootcamp Mon-Fri. Weeknights and weekends optional but recommended. 9 weeks in total.


During your time at Enspiral Dev Academy you’ll learn a variety of modern technologies for full stack web programming. We primarily focus on javascript using Node on the server side and students explore multiple front end frameworks including React, Angular,Ember, D3 and Three.js.

Over 18 weeks you’ll be well practiced working in teams, using git, facilitating simple agile processes and delivering technical and non-technical presentations. 

You’ll be building small applications or prototypes without supervision and will become familiar with multiple testing frameworks.

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